Eggs and Sausage Group Exhibit

Our group exhibition dedicated to Tom Waits was pretty awesome! A ton of people came out and had a blast with us at House of Hayden on Long Beach, CA. Dave Hayden treated us like kings, and hung the artwork in his psychedelic suspension technique... Exhibiting artists included: David Rankin, Aurora Armijo, Shannon Freshwater, Jaya King, Karin Hassler, Billy Dyson, Dave James, Irene Grishin-Selzer, Illworx, Sherlock, Mark Michelon, Ryan Milner, Evanimal, Erik Lomen, Brandon Clark, Andrew Loder, Garry Booth, Arlene Reyes, Kevin Bannister, Chester Burnett, Ken Meyer Jr., David Owen, Marisela, Nick Marquez, Nathan Wettstead, and David Atkinson. Kevin Tong did the widely acclaimed Show Print:

The show was featured in the District Magazine, a local Long Beach lifestyle magazine:

Here are a couple pieces from the show....
Ryan Milner:

Karen Hassler:

Dave James:

Nathan Wettstead:

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