Jeremy Eichenbaum - Going Nowhere Fast

The best thing about Phone Booth Gallery is that we can have shows in any medium we choose. Jeremy Eichenbaum goes crazy with his video art exhibit in "Going Nowhere Fast." Basswerks ( in Culver City was the perfect place to hold this show... Nice white walls for projecting, as well as some nice pedastals with TVs, and a lounge area for some tunes. This guy is crazy...

We released a handmade book, and a nice little DVD with Eichenbaums entire video catalog on it:

The opening kinda went crazy, DJ Alf Alpha rocked an insane DJ set and got people cutting the rug!

Check out DJ Alf Alpha here:


  1. Hey Hey!! Its Enrico Palazzo...& Mr. Brainwash!!! WTF!


  2. GB you rule man! fucking a! thanks again big time for this show! it was good times! and anybody that reads this just know that Garry hooked it up big time for this show!