Adam Isaac Jackson: Sweat it Out

After months of planning, intrigue, anticipation, and excitement, we can finally introduce to you "Sweat it Out," a new screen print by artist Adam Isaac Jackson. Haven't heard of him? Well, take a look below and read his interview to realize why Phone Booth Gallery believes he should be a household name.

PBG: This is your first time working with Phone Booth Gallery, please tell us a bit about yourself, and your background in art.

Jackson: My name is Adam Isaac Jackson, or just JAXN. I am 25 years old and currently live in the Seattle area. I traveled around a lot as a kid, and spent most of my childhood and teen years growing up in Japan. I have always loved to draw, especially people and specifically faces. I try to capture the expression and attitude a person has, or just an attitude I want them to convey. For some reason color has often gotten in the way of this and so I tend to shy away from it. There is something so powerful and bold about black ink on white paper, the contrast can be almost hypnotic. It really makes the artwork jump of the page and that is why I love it. Don't get me wrong, I love color, but right now, aside from some shading detail, I just don't feel the need to use it.

PBG: "Sweat It Out" is a great example of you artistic ability, explain your thought process and inspiration from creating such a unique print design.

Jackson: I usually have it all figured out ahead of time, as far as what the artwork is going to look like. Anything can spark that initial idea though. Fashion plays a huge part in that, especially street fashion, and women are always at the center of fashion. I am often inspired by the way a women will carry herself, her attitude and sense of style. Often times, like with "Sweat It Out" I am mentally collecting references and ideas that I would like to combine to create the final image. I may be attracted to or inspired by a certain person and their personality, and combine that with the look another person has simply because I dig their hairstyle and want to include it. In a certain way, I am glamorizing the modern women, piercing, tattoos and all. I have been a long time fan of Charles Burns, as well as Mike Giant, both masters of the monochromatic palette. Oliver Peck has been a recent influence and sparked my interest in tattoo culture. In my work I try to elaborate on the subject's beauty much more, adding an idealized aesthetic and bold sense of feminine strength. This piece is simply meant to convey a certain attitude, as well as exaggerating the effect of the summer heat and to represent the LBC!

[PICS: Seizure Palace gets down on the printing process!]

PBG: What materials do you use when creating a design, and how does this affect the way you approach it?

Jackson: I keep it pretty basic. I use computer paper if its laying around, but sometimes I will invest in some legit illustration board. For the most part I have just stuck to what I know and what feels the most natural to me. My supplies are crude at best. I love 4H pencil and how lightly you can lay out your ideas before finalizing them with ink. I use a lot of Pigma pens as well as Sharpies. So, pens, markers, pencils and paper. I often work with a lot of reference material around me too, everything from jewelry, fashion and tattoo magazines, as well as photos of the model if I am using one.

PBG: You have done some freelance work in several industries, including apparel design in addition to fine art. In fact, you were recently a winner of Obey Clothing's Public Works project with Metro Park. How do you see your work now, and where do you plan to take it in the future?

Jackson: I enjoy my artwork a great deal, but I am never satisfied with myself and strive to improve every time I sit down to draw. My style and influences continue to jump all over the place. I want to do some work with stencils, spray paint, acrylics, and really built some incredible artwork that moves a little beyond pen and ink illustrations. For now though, I am focused on making more of my artwork available, especially online. T-shirts are the perfect vehicle for me as far as getting my name out there and is such a fantastic promotional tool.

PBG: Do you have any words of wisdom, or favorite quotes?

Jackson: Grow up but never grow old. I refuse to ever stop skating, drawing, buying action figures, watching cartoons, reading comics, wandering aimlessly, and finding sweet sticks in the woods to whack my friends with. At the same time, growing up is about being selfless, honest, trustworthy, patient, and not always thinking only of yourself. I am still trying to grow up in that sense.

If you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life. Look, working is going to take up a huge chunk of your life, You might as well realize early on that if you don't get it together and find something you are passionate about or feel a calling to do, you are likely to spend the rest of your life miserable. Unless you don't plan on working at all, in that case you are in the clear and have nothing to worry about whatsoever. Life will be perfect.

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