Mr Frivolous "Daydreamer" March 6th

As many of you know, Mr. Frivolous' long awaited US debut is coming up soon, and we are all really excited over here. If you haven't read about his work, you should definitely go read the press release for the show asap.

The show will be held in a nice space sandwiched between The Library Coffeehouse on Broadway and Redondo, and the Reno Room (a bar infamous for being one of Charles Bukowski's Long Beach hangouts). The address is 3410 East Broadway, Long Beach CA. Come join us for the show, and follow us to the Reno Room afterward for a nightcap. The show is 7-10 pm. See ya there.

Here is a little sneak preview, a piece entitled "Hiding In The Dark To Escape From Myself":

Add yourself to the preview list by shooting us an email at phoneboothgallery(a)

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