Some OTHIII Show Photos

Our good friend Jeremy Eichenbaum is working on a nice video covering opening night of our "Off the Hook III" show on Saturday. For now, here are a few photos of this event. Many thanks to Fix, the artists, and everyone who came out to make the night a success!

Jennie Cotterill, Nancy Chiu, and Yevgenia Mikhailik

Bryan Schnelle, Joel Zuercher, and Matt Hendon

A nice crowd of people came out, there is Marc from Fix serving up some Gelato

Rod Luff's pieces were in these amazing frames, double matted and really well presented, Yevgenia Mikhailik's piece is also in this nice elegant white frame...

Hydeon, Adam Isaac Jackson, Garry Booth, and Rick Reese's Work

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  1. Your Jack/Shining tribute is rad!