Yeah, this stuff is old....

This is the old school PBG Blog, there has been all kinds of cool stuff to happen since this stuff.


Lora Zombie Reprint at Threadless

Threadless just reprinted the ever popular "Not So Happy" design by Lora Zombie. Lora will be showing new work with Phone Booth Gallery in February 2011. Pick up your shirt HERE.

Handiedan Siging and Numbering

Just got the first package of prints from Handiedan's latest Time Limited Release! Will be taking a stack to the framer, and waiting for package #2! Estimated ship date is mid-late September! Thanks for all the patience!

New Work by Joe King

Joe King, who released "Baby Face" not long ago in our print shop, just put up some new work on his website, Check it Out!

Rod Luff - "The Offering"

New A3 drawing by Rod Luff, and preliminary sketch. Rod will be showing with us in April 2011. Really looking forward to it!

Adam Jackson X LTD Tee

Check out this new Adam Jackson T-Shirt from LTD Tee! ALso comes with a signed 8” x 10” art print, certificate of authenticity, screen printed neck label with artist bio all in a custom box. Check out

Beautiful Decay - Art of the Week

If you aren't familiar with Expresso Beans, go check it out. It is an amazing print forum. They do a weekly award winner, and this week it is PBG's own Handiedan with her "Beautiful Decay" time limited release. Congrats!

Bryan Schnelle Zine

Bryan Schnelle just printed up an amazingly well printed and designed Zine of some selected work. Take a look at a few of the pages below. These are available by contacting Bryan directly at