Schnelle vs. Knife - Mini Interview

Recently, Mike Knife hit Bryan Schnelle with a few intimate questions, and Schnelle gave some interesting answers. Below is the result:

Knife: I love the ski mask theme in your work, have you ever wanted to rob a bank?

Schnelle: Yeah, actually. The Federal Reserve. Maybe take back some of what’s been stolen.

Knife: Did you ever play cops and robbers as a kid?

Schnelle: I don’t remember. I was a weird kid. I do remember having a Knight Rider big wheel that I used to do giant skid-out 180’s across all of our neighbor’s driveways.

Knife: I heard that you are into black metal! What bands are you currently listening to? I'm really into Dimmu Borgir and Abigail Williams.

Schnelle: Black Metal is great fuel for painting. Lately I’ve been listening to Immortal’s Sons of Northern Darkness, Dissection’s Storm of the Light’s Bane, and Darkthrone’s A Blaze in the Northern Sky.

Knife: Going along with the whole black metal thing, do you think at some point your figures could be decked out in corpse paint?

Schnelle: In due time…

Knife: Would you be down to do a collab piece with me? I could draw up some eyes, mouths noses, and you could throw down with the ski mask steez. I bet we could get rich by selling it for a million bucks!

Schnelle: A million bucks!!! Yeah, that could be fun man, we should do that. Do you ever work big?

Knife: What can we expect next from Bryan Schnelle?

Schnelle: I have a show opening this Saturday, October 17th, at Double Punch Gallery in SF, a group show with Skinner, Jesse Balmer, and Steve Seeley. After that I plan on doing some large-scale paintings, stuff I’ve been thinking about for a while and I think is ready to come out.

Knife: Thanks for the interview, Bryan.

Schnelle: Thank you, it’s been fun.

Bryan Schnelle's current show "Untitled" will be viewable for another week, and comes down October 17th, so nows your chance to take a final peek at the work. Also, head over to to check out his upcoming show, opening October 17th.

Mike Knife is currently producing more work, some of which is still available by contacting phoneboothgallery{at}

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