Nathan Deyoung x Ryan Milner

A fun read, artist Nathan Deyoung sits down to interview Ryan Milner about the finer things in life.

Nathan Deyoung: Did you ever find bugs bunny attractive when he put on a dress and became girl bunny?

Ryan Milner: Yes. Im still in therapy.

Nathan: What is the weirdest thing you do while creating art? It can be a superstitious ritual, a quirky act, anything...I KNOW YOU MUST HAVE ONE!

Ryan: Aside from walking on my hands, monotone chanting and the occasional virgin sacrifice, I turn into a clean freak before I start any kind of creative project. Usually I stick to just my initial workspace, but sometimes I'll clean my whole apt. Its sick I know.

Nathan: Your hair ALWAYS looks amazing, how much time do you spend making it look so fabulous?

Ryan: Hours...of sleep and Dove conditioner.

Nathan: While creating, what percentage of the time would you say you are nude?...or almost nude?

Ryan: I'd say around 60% of the time, everytime.

Nathan: If you had to get beaten up by any artist who would it be?

Ryan: Sebastian Kruger. If he whoops ass as half as good as he paints my molecules would liquify. It be a lot like that scene in a Nightmare on Elm St. where Johnny Depp gets sucked into the bed.

Nathan: Kia or Hyundai?

Ryan: I try to always drive my way.

Nathan: Best piece of advice you have gotten from a cereal box?

Ryan: Power up the fun with more fiber!

Nathan: How much money would it take to make you eat pencil shavings?

Ryan: I'd do that for free...Though now a days I'd charge a few bucks.

Nathan: If you were Jim from the Office, would you have chosen Pam or Karen?

Ryan: Pam, she's got some moves. Did you see her as a cat!?

Nathan: How many all male sleepovers have you attended?

Ryan: For the last time Nate, the answer is no.

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