Rodrigo Enrique Luff

Phone Booth Gallery would like to present a new artist! Rodrigo Enrique Luff was born in San Salvador, El Salvador in 1987. Yet he soon emigrated to Sydney, Australia with his Mother to escape the decade long civil war, and has been living there ever since. He is currently working on a new series of drawings that aim to fuse a realist foundation of drawing with the imaginative sensibilities of illustration.

These drawings are an exploration of the ever expanding global network of ideas and information that passes through us and changes us on a daily basis through different media, such as the internet. Of great interest is the dissolution of previously established barriers between people that allows for greater connectivity and sharing of ideas and artwork. It is through these drawings that he hopes to create a fresh, unique and ever changing vision of his ideas and to also expand and improve with each new addition.

To fully experience Rodrigo's growing body of work, including numerous drawings and paintings, take a look at his blog, here:

We have also recently added one of his pieces "Hyper Connectivity" to our website, you can see that here:

Rodrigo says, "I aim to explore the ever present expansion and exchange of knowledge, ideas, images and human consciousness itself through modern technology such as the internet and various media devices that saturate our daily lives. They have dissolved previously established boundaries of space, labor and distance, reconstructing popular culture, forcing us to adapt in the process. We have changed, becoming part of a global network and it is of great interest for me as an artist to explore this new freedom in my artwork."


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